Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Places I've been to and photographed

The photographs in the series described below allow me to keep the beauty of nature close by, I hope you will feel the same.
These photographs allow me to keep the beauty of nature close by. I hope these moments captured in time add resoundingly to the beautiful ambience of your homes. New pictures will be posted so please visit again and don’t keep it a secret

Lake Michigan Series:

These breathtaking views of Lake Michigan were shown to my camera in the summer of 2007.

Nichols Creek Wildlife Area:

You can practically hop right across this feeder creek to the Milwaukee River. My favorite is titled, “The Present of Autumn”, take a close look and tell me if you see why.

Hubbard Park Series:

Who would have known that there is beauty such as this present in the heart of Shorewood? These views were shown to my camera the summer of 2007, not far from the busy intersection of Capital Drive and Oakland Avenue. Please take a moment to see that nature is not as far away as you think.

Adell Wildlife Area:

These photos were shown to my camera in 2007 after I slowed down on Highway 57 about an hour north Milwaukee and turned directly off onto a gravel road. Enjoy!
Esterbrook Park:

These photographs show the overlooked beauty of the Milwaukee River in this urban location. They were taken on overcast day after a fresh snowfall in late December of 2007.

Horicon Marsh

A wildcat was heard growling not too far away when these were taken.

“The Eye of God”

The sun’s rays pierce through the clouds and look down on the dark seas. This picture exemplifies the awesome reverence of nature. It looks excellent in the 18” x 24” size. You will get a surge of adrenaline as you look at it.

Cedarburg Bog
It was near subzero when these otherworldly nighttime pictures of the Cedarburg Bog were taken in early 2008. I think you will enjoy them for the sense of adventure they portray.

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