Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Mitchell Park Domes visit

Please enjoy my visit to the Mitchell Park Domes on 12/28/2009 as much as I did. It was a pleasant contrast to the dreary and coldness outside. In the more tropical dome it got hotter than a sauna, while the desert dome it was cooler. It also offers hope of what is to come in spring. Often we think how things are, is how they will be. If you go to the Domes now you can see “difference”. A Milwaukee resident most of my life I had not been here since I was ten. Perspective changes as we age. Free admission Monday’s from 9-12am. License needed for non-personal use photo’s.
Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy

Monday, November 30, 2009

Saw this Albino Squirrel Today on the Shore of Okauchee Lake!

Pictures from this summer!

Recently updated the website with pictures from this summer. I am sure you will enjoy these also. Photographs include abstract scenes as well as some unique pictures of birds.

They can be viewed and purchased in uncompressed form at my site, www.THOMASMURPHY.LIFEPICS.COM

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Thomas Murphy